Noctis Neo

  • Noctis Neo

    The essential appearance mode companion for iOS 13.

    iOS 13 now has dark mode but leaves a lot to be desired.

    Noctis Neo is built from the ground up with customization in mind, perfectly complementing the iOS 13 Dark Mode experience.

    Features include:

    1. Prebuilt dark mode color themes such as "True Dark" for OLED devices.
    2. Prebuilt blur mode themes (Coming Soon).
    3. Customizable adaptive coloring for notifications, widgets and force touch.
    4. Customizable dark mode strength ranging from normal to full black.
    5. Force light mode for notifications, widgets, folder or dock.
    6. Enable iOS 10 style widget header.
    7. Dark webpages supporting most browsers such as Safari and Chrome.
    8. Enable blur mode for 3D touch menus.
    9. Dark Control Center (Coming Soon).
    10. Toggle with system dark mode.

      The adaptive mode has two settings, light and dark corresponding to the current dark mode state.

      Customisations include:

    11. Light Color Alpha

    12. Light Tint Color Offset Factor
    13. Dark Color Alpha
    14. Dark Tint Color Offset Factor

      Full dark mode support for non-dark mode applications is coming soon.

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  • Musica turns the camera button on the new Smart Battery Case into a fully fledged media controls button.

    Musica supports controlling noise cancellation of AirPods Pro as well. Just press and hold the button to toggle between transparency and noise cancellation.

    The camera button will work as normal in the camera app.

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  • Apple’s official Smart Battery Case for iPhone isn’t as smart as it could be…

    Quanta smartly combines the battery percentage of your iPhone and Smart Battery Case in the status bar. As batteries wear down over time, Quanta takes into account the usable capacity of your batteries to provide a more realistic view of your battery life. It will only show as charging when the Smart Battery Case itself is charging. The charge percentage of each battery is also displayed by opening the Control Center.

    Quanta also provides some useful data on your battery health in the Settings app.

    iOS 13 only for now. If you think Quanta would be useful on iOS 12, let me know!

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  • This is a class browser for the Objective-C runtime on iOS and OS X. It gives you full access to all classes loaded in the runtime; allows you to dynamically load new modules and their classes; shows every method implemented on each class; and displays information in a header (.h) file format.

    We have found this to be a useful development tool. Please note, however, that each user is responsible for their own usage.

    The original version was released in April 2002 by Ezra Epstein. The project is maintained by Nicolas Seriot since August, 2008.

    This is a build of the open source project RuntimeBrowser. Source code available on GitHub.

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  • Watermelon

    WatchOS inspired lockscreen widgets for iOS 13.

    Watermelon places round widgets below the clock on the lockscreen.

    Watermelon supports the following widgets:

    1. Activity
    2. Alarm
    3. Air Quality Index
    4. App Shortcut (Selectable via Preferences)
    5. Battery
    6. Bluetooth Battery (Headphones, AirPods etc)
    7. Date
    8. Music (Play / Pause and Progress)
    9. Rain
    10. Humidity
    11. Timer
    12. UV Index
    13. Weather Conditions
    14. Weather Temperature
    15. Wind
    16. Volume (Current Audio Route)
    17. Watch Battery
    18. Torch Shortcut
    19. Sunrise
    20. Sunset

      To select the widget in a particular location simply long press on the widget until the editor appears. Select widgets as desired, tap an active widget to focus it.

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Siliqua Pro

  • SiliquaPro

    SiliquaPro is an all in one customization tweak for your AirPods Pro.

    1. Customisable actions for single, double, triple or quadruple presses.
      • Play / Pause
      • Skip
      • Rewind
      • Skip 15
      • Rewind 15
      • Toggle Repeat
      • Toggle Shuffle
      • Increase Volume
      • Decrease Volume
      • Toggle Siri
      • Cycle listening modes
    2. Listening mode control in the audio module with two layout modes:
      • Trio-mode: One button for each off, noise cancelation and transparency mode.
      • Single-mode: Cycle through listening modes with a single button.
    3. Route name in audio module.
    4. AirPods icon in volume slider when AirPods Pro are playing media.
    5. CC Module to cycle through AirPods listening modes to either off, noise cancelation or transparency.
    6. Supports iOS 12 and iOS 11
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  • NewTerm is a continuation of the Mobile Terminal project, a versatile terminal emulator for iOS. It includes many improvements over Mobile Terminal, such as a tab-based interface, a selection of themes and fonts, copy and paste, and various bug fixes. It’s the perfect companion for running quick commands directly on your iPhone, or working on projects on your iPad side-by-side with other apps, or SSHing to a server that crashed while you’re on vacation.
  • NewTerm

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  • Sunflower

    Disable Haptic Touch and re-enable pressure based gestures.

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  • If you use Cydia, it may repeatedly ask you to update this package. This is a bug in Cydia. If “Installed Version” below says “1.14”, you are up to date.
  • Cephei is a framework that includes various convenience features for developers. Primarily, it focuses on settings-related features, but it also contains other utilties.

    Documentation can be found at

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