• Velox Reloaded

    Bring widgets right to your homescreen, the right way.

    Are there no widgets available for a specified app? Velox will display the app’s notifications for you.

    Velox supports the following stock widgets at the moment:

    1. FaceTime
    2. Calendar
    3. Photos
    4. Phone Favorites
    5. Documents
    6. Apple Music
    7. Settings
    8. Notes
    9. FotMob Pro TodayScores
    10. TV
    11. Reminders
    12. *custom widget loader is in the works and will be available next update.

      Velox’s custom Widgets:

    13. Weather

    14. Fitness
    15. Spotify
    16. Watch
    17. Clock

      Velox Reloaded will be updated and include over 20+ custom widget in the upcoming updates.

      Experiencing anything out of the ordinary? Contact us and help us make this special tweak even more special!

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    $3.99 USD
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    iOS Supported
    13.0 to 13.3.1
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