• New Velox Settings Widget Switcher
  • Improved Weather & Music Widget
  • Completely rewritten Widget System, RAM & Battery optimised!
  • Introducing new Widget Loader!
  • New Velox Icon & Widget states! Create multiple backups of your home page icons & widget layout
  • Velox is now Fully Dynamic, its size size changes according to rows/collumns
  • Introducing full support for your favorite homescreen layout tweak! (Homeplus, et al)
  • Introducing Icon ‘Widget’ recycling, Velox is now as twice as fast as before!
  • Fully fixed widgets disappearing after respring (Velox Loader)
  • Many many more fixes…


  • Home+ Compatibility
  • Performance update & Battery optimisation (especially for A12/A13)
  • Fixed RTL bug (Farsi, Hebrew, & Arabic languages)
  • Fixed widgets disappearing after respring
  • iPhone SE Compatibility
  • iPad Compatibility
  • Springtomize Compatibility
  • Fixed compatibility issues with FloatingDockPlus13
  • Fixed random crash occurring while opening/closing widgets
  • Fixed bug where icon label would stay on screen while scrolling
  • Fixed dragging folders & widgets
  • Fixed bug where icons couldn’t move out of Folders
  • Failsafe improvement


  • Initial release