• Changed developer branding


  • Replace the code that handles hiding kai when media plays
  • Fix edge cases where battery info would not update completely until an update was called for again
  • There are now 3 placement options: Top, Below Media Player, and Bottom


  • Added iOS 14 and 14.0.1 support
  • Changed default preferences, now non-charging devices show by default (this should clear up some confusion)


  • Fix very unoptimized code, made it more-ish optimized
  • Below music option now moves kai just below the media controls, and not to the very bottom.
  • Fixed kai going below Axon with below music player option on


  • kai is now free!
  • General improvements, new prefs banner


  • Add an option to hide kai when media player is showing on the lock screen (kai will be shown again once music player is removed from the lock screen)
  • Fixed issues with vertical mode alignment


  • Large improvements to kai's auto alignment
  • Fixes issues where kai would always re align when opening notification center


  • Compiled with latest DragonBuild
  • Removed armv7 slice to reduce binary size


  • Fixed compatibility for my upcoming tweak, Aperio
  • Automatic alignment in horizontal mode should feel a lot snappier now


  • Fixed cells still showing after device was disconnected (they will now remove as soon as they disappear from stock battery widget)
  • Improve memory management within cells
  • Fixed issue where the tweak would not disable in 1.1.1 and would always be on


  • Added a label to make it clear when the tweak was not yet activated, and license needed to be downloaded.
  • Fixed issues with licenses not activating
  • Added @vanwijkdave to credits in prefs for the header cell (sorry for not adding you before, this was overlooked)
  • My credit cell now links my Twitter account
  • Under the hood optimizations for keeping track of connected devices


  • Fixed cells overlapping in vertical mode
  • Added option to add vertical padding after kai
  • Corrected issue where the “re-align after refreshing” option would be ignored and kai would always re-align
  • Renoved apply button, prefs now automatically apply (thanks to gilshahar7 for the idea :)
  • Added delete prefs button (again, thanks to gilshahar7 for the suggestions)
  • Horizontal scrolling indicator is now hidden
  • Added option to completely hide the phone battery in kai
  • Helped resolve issues with AirPod device grouping being buggy, and cells would jump around (WIP)


  • Added horizontal mode offset option for x axis
  • Added horizontal mode alignment with nice little slide animations when re-aligning
  • Added hide battery icon option
  • In horizontal mode, the “vertical spacing” option now adds padding after kai
  • Fixed an issue where cells would not be disposed of properly


  • Fix crash of BatteryWidget in background
  • Fix license downloading repeatedly
  • Fix kai going below Axon
  • Fix a crash right after the first respring after installing/rebooting
  • Fix spelling issues


  • Initial release