• (Much needed) smoother animations when expanding menus
  • Fix content unintentionally animating itself when moving in for the first time
  • Fixed VPN info not updating until the second time the menu was presented
  • Changed developer branding


  • Added iOS 14 support ๐ŸŽ‰


  • Fixed an issue where the tweak would not load due to incorrect file permissions


  • New bluetooth battery device menu! (Enabled by default, choose between bluetooth devices and LPM toggle in preferences)


  • Fixed a miniscule memory leak that would slowly add up over time
  • Reworked some haptics
  • Added option to enable/disable interaction haptic feedback
  • Added option to enable/disable success haptic feedback (when toggling WiFi, Airplane mode, LPM)


  • Correct an issue relating to file permissions


  • Added custom date format support
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where the tweak would not load for certain users
  • Some further optimizations
  • The cellular data menu can now be expanded to reveal Airplane mode toggle (if WiFi is on. If WiFi is off, WiFi controls will take priority)
  • Battery charge percent is now taken directly from the status bar battery icon
  • Set up a foundation to add support for a menu on the Airplane mode icon in the future (is not present yet)


  • Fixed an issue where downloading license would fail
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the respring image from showing on Indy's power menu
  • Added support for dual sim iPhones
  • Added option to adjust the animation time for menus to present/dismiss
  • Added option to have menus expanded by default


  • Initial release