• Fixes email subject text color (for real this time)


  • Add option for custom App Icon corner radius (modern style)
  • Add option to color app name and date
  • Fix summary label not being colored correctly
  • Fix DND label and thumbnails for RTL languages


  • Add support for custom colors
  • Add basic support for RTL languages


  • Fix Widgets not being expandable
  • Fix crash when clicking on notification without an icon
  • Fix media player corner radius issue when using Sylph


  • Add support for Widgets
  • Reduce lag when having a huge amount of notifications
  • Fix display bug when using Maple 2
  • Fix bedtime notification having the wrong icon
  • Fix another rare crash


  • Allow disabling each category so that you can use other tweaks better along with Velvet
  • Add new feature to display the app name as title if there is no title for a notification
  • Use high quality DnD icon
  • Fix secondary title label not being shortened correctly
  • Fix several rare crashes
  • Fix auxiliary options view alignment


  • Initial release