• Fixed SafeMode crash when unlocking your device using a bluetooth keyboard
  • Fixed big parts of the UI not being translated
  • Fixed French banner translation overlapping with the notch on notched devices
  • Added a Credits page for everyone that helped with Translation
  • Fixed profile pictures for Facebook Messenger (they are now also backwards compatible)
  • Increased the maximum corner radius size
  • Fixed group names


  • Added option to change statusbar font size
  • Added option to align text for use with larger devices
  • Added privacy oriented option that allows you to hide content unless expanded
  • Fixed crash related to receiving a lot of notifications in a short timespan
  • Fixed crash when receiving a notification while the profile picture of the previous is still loading
  • Added profile pictures support for Telegram (Credits to “mikigal” on Discord for the help)
  • Added profile pictures support for WhatsApp Business
  • Partially fixed profile pictures for messages on iOS 12 (Full fix will take longer but this should hopefully improve the accuracy for most users)
  • Added localisation for German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Persian, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Huge thanks to everyone that contributed!


  • Added experimental iOS 11 support
  • Fixed Facebook Messenger Profile Pictures
  • Improved reply detection to add support for much more apps. Including but not limited to: Discord, WeChat, Spark, and Zalo
  • Fixed a possible safemode crash when receiving a lot of notifications
  • Properly fixed Twitter DM Profile Pictures
  • Removed Maple 2 conflict
  • Fixed automatic tiny banner when there’s no header/body text
  • Fixed app icon not showing when using an alternate app icon for apps such as Telegram of Apollo
  • Group is now shown for group conversations in iMessage


  • Added quick reply support for the “Zalo” app
  • Added message header subtitles support (for group name, etc…)
  • Temporarily marked ‘Maple 2’ as a conflict until a better solution is found
  • Fixed Twitter profile picture for DM’s
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release