• Fixes:
    • Fixed a rare crash caused by not disposing animations correctly.
    • Fixed preferenceloader not being listed as a dependancy.
    • Several QoL changes and fixes (I lost track of them).
  • New features:
    • Ability to change icons' sizes.
    • Added a border to the grabber/slider, which is customizable or can be disabled altogether.


  • Fixes a crash caused by hiding apps on your home screen.


  • Completely fix compatibility issues on iOS 11.
  • Fix a crashing issue with the Handoff feature.
  • Fixed a bug that happened when you tap anywhere while dragging Rofi.
  • You can now toggle whether Rofi's position is relative to the grabber or not.
  • Added an option to toggle notification badges (requires a respring).
  • Changed the color picker to Alderis.
  • Added an icon to Rofi ;)