• Noctis Neo

    The essential appearance mode companion for iOS 13.

    iOS 13 now has dark mode but leaves a lot to be desired.

    Noctis Neo is built from the ground up with customization in mind, perfectly complementing the iOS 13 Dark Mode experience.

    Features include:

    1. Prebuilt dark mode color themes such as "True Dark" for OLED devices.
    2. Prebuilt blur mode themes (Coming Soon).
    3. Customizable adaptive coloring for notifications, widgets and force touch.
    4. Customizable dark mode strength ranging from normal to full black.
    5. Force light mode for notifications, widgets, folder or dock.
    6. Enable iOS 10 style widget header.
    7. Dark webpages supporting most browsers such as Safari and Chrome.
    8. Enable blur mode for 3D touch menus.
    9. Dark Control Center (Coming Soon).
    10. Toggle with system dark mode.

      The adaptive mode has two settings, light and dark corresponding to the current dark mode state.

      Customisations include:

    11. Light Color Alpha

    12. Light Tint Color Offset Factor
    13. Dark Color Alpha
    14. Dark Tint Color Offset Factor

      Full dark mode support for non-dark mode applications is coming soon.


  • License
    $1.49 USD
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    iOS Supported
    13.0 to 13.3.1
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