• Initial iOS 14 support
  • Fixed crash


  • Fixed crash when downloading license on arm64e
  • Fixed bug failing to load preferences on arm64e


  • Fixed issue where the number pad delete key would do nothing
  • Fixed issue where attempting to insert accented keys would invoke SwipeExtenderX
  • Added setting to use legacy haptics
  • Fixed bug where SwipeExtenderX would not show up in an area of the Photos app
  • Most settings changes now apply without a respring
  • Added better descriptions into settings


  • Fix activation issue some users are experiencing


  • Improved reliability with glide type
  • Added option to override SwipeSelection on keys with left/right actions
  • Fixed some actions not working with SwipeSelection
  • Fixed delete key sometimes not working with SwipeSelection
  • Fixed the "delete on touch up" setting from deleting two characters
  • Fixed issue where first swipe after opening an app wouldn't do anything
  • Fixed rare crash while inserting text with autocorrect
  • Fixed rare crash while opening a menu
  • Increased performance


  • Inserting text now integrates much better with iOS
  • Added two new actions: previous keyboard & next keyboard
  • Caps no longer stay on after inserting text
  • Inserting text no longer breaks autocorrect
  • Inserting text now works well with punctuation
  • Added Russian preset — Thanks to @egigoka!
  • Fixed issue where first time swiping wouldn't do anything
  • Fixed issue where key labels would render twice
  • Fixed crash when using copy/paste/cut on iOS 12
  • Fixed crash when opening a menu
  • Fixed crash on iPad
  • Fixed respring button in settings sometimes not working


  • Fixed delete key not auto deleting
  • Fixed key preview showing over menus


  • Fixed bug with "Perform action" haptic toggle not working
  • You can now paste images and URLs properly
  • Fixed WebKit crashes when using iCleaner Pro
  • Swiping on the delete key no longer deletes
  • Fix swiping down on the L key accidentally deleting text
  • Added keyboard transparency
  • Added more precision to haptics
  • Haptic feedback is now off by default
  • Added version number in settings


  • Fixed installation issue on Chimera


  • Fixed another installation issue


  • Fixed installation issue


  • Added haptic feedback
  • You can now import presets
  • Added French (AZERTY) preset
  • Improved performance
  • Added support for other keyboard types
  • Better license system
  • Fixed issues with users on checkra1n
  • Fixed emoji key displaying "actions" text
  • Fixed chinese keyboard showing random strings
  • Fixed glide type
  • Alert will no longer softlock device in rare cases
  • Fixed return key staying gray after inserting text
  • Activator is now loaded at runtime
  • Fixed menu actions not deleting
  • Added respring button


  • Fixed weird crash


  • Initial release