• Emergency fix for iOS 14 A12+ devices


  • Fixed changes not showing in the sort order panel
  • Fixed the battery displaying an incorrect percentage


  • Adds support for iOS 14


  • More bug fixes with some enhanced functionality. This update might honestly be one of the last ones in terms of new functionality. Most of the features I've intended to add are already implemented, so development is also significantly slowing down.
  • New Features:
    • New system to get main color of icons
    • Updated user guide
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Fixed panel overlapping screenshot screen
    • Fixed panel not dismissing for some system events and popups
    • Fix CC gesture not being disabled when panel is in view


  • Fixed potential crash on iOS 11-12
  • Fixed crash when removing/adding a toggle
  • Fixed lag caused by SnowBoard
  • Fixed tap to pause on user guide videos


  • New toggle loading system that checks if toggles are compatible
  • Fixes crashes on devices without a flashlight
  • Improved notification loading system, should be smoother
  • More Translations
  • Fixed panel expansion on iPads


  • I’ve spent the better part of the past months doing some internal reworks in order to make Nougat smoother. This update adds a large amount of new features, but also drastically changes notification functionality. There are still quite the amount of features I want to add, so this is one of the next major steps along the way.
  • New Features:
  • Added Dark Mode toggle
  • Changed Notification behavior
    • Notifications now show 2 lines of message
    • The options bar now only shows custom actions
    • Notifications only expand if they have custom actions, or a message longer than 2 lines
    • Notifications can be expanded/dismissed by swiping down/up on them respectively
    • Swipe to dismiss has been added
  • Added Clear All button
  • Added ability to hide notification previews when locked
  • Added compatibility for notch hiding tweaks
  • Have media cell check if song supports liking
  • Improved gesture behavior
  • More localizations
  • Internal optimizations
  • Fixed notification fallback values
  • Fixed landscape behavior
  • Fixed RTL support


  • Fix potential media cell crashes/freezes
  • Fix Axon/Grupi incompatibility
  • Tinker with ripple timings to make it smoother
  • Fixed crash when notification lacks an icon
  • Fix iPhone 11 support


  • Initial release