• Fixes issues with link buttons and stepper controls (-/+ buttons) and not working.
  • Fixes various bugs/crashes on earlier iOS versions.
  • Some all around spit and polish.
  • For developers:
  • HBTwitterCell now supports specifying a Twitter User ID, so you can ensure your Twitter buttons follow you around if you ever change your username.
  • HBPackageTableCell is now integrated with Parcility, ensuring the modern default repositories are now supported by the automatic icon fetcher, as well as the 600+ other third-party repositories Parcility indexes.
  • When tapping HBPackageTableCell, it will now prompt the user to select an installed package manager, or view the package online on Parcility.
  • HBLinkTableCell now prioritises Universal Links (web links redirecting to native apps) when opening links.
  • You can now hide the divider line below the navigation bar using a new HBAppearanceSettings property, showsNavigationBarShadow.
  • The Email Support button no longer awkwardly pushes an empty screen before the email composer appears. If you are directly using HBSupportController, please change to presenting modally rather than pushing, to ensure this effect is avoided.


  • Fixes crash when opening Cephei-powered settings.


  • Fixes a corrupted installation issue experienced by some users.
  • For developers:
  • To save space, Cephei headers are no longer included in deb releases. You can instead find them on GitHub.


  • Removes TechSupport dependency entirely.
  • No longer installs RocketBootstrap dependency on checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks.
  • Works around Twitter profile photos not loading.
  • For developers:
  • Adds an avatarURL property to HBLinkTableCell and HBTwitterCell, allowing you to set a custom image such as your GitHub avatar.


  • Works around a bug in the Capital One app causing a Cephei error message to appear.
  • Works around an issue with Twitter avatars not loading in tweak About pages.
  • Fixes crashing on iOS 8 and older.
  • Some general other fixes and code cleanup. Thanks to kritanta for contributing a bug fix!
  • For developers:
  • Adds new UIColor category methods for creating dynamic colors that react to system light/dark interface style changes.
  • CepheiPrefs now automatically adjusts some appearance colors to avoid clashing in dark mode. Use the methods mentioned above to customise this behavior.
  • Fixes the large titles appearance setting not changing.


  • Adds minor iOS 13 design changes and support for dark mode.
  • Works around a crash when opening Cephei-powered settings on iOS 13.
  • Works around a crash when using NewTerm with tweaks installed on iOS 13.
  • For developers:
  • Adds the ability to control large navigation bar titles on iOS 11 and up.
  • Removes the seldom-used Cephei Container Support feature, to cut down on package dependencies.
  • Fixes CoreFoundation version filter (pl_filter) logic.
  • Due to lack of upstream support, TechSupport is no longer used for the support email form as of iOS 13 (and iOS 12 on A12).


  • Fixes missing code signatures breaking tweaks on iOS 11.


  • Adds support for A12 (iPhone Xs, Xʀ, and iPad Pro 11-inch).
  • Fixes an issue with colors appearing yellowish in NewTerm.


  • This release is just a lot of little bug fixes.
  • Updates various translations.
  • For developers:
  • Enables the Really Annoying Warning shown if CepheiPrefs is incorrectly loaded into a process it likely shouldn't be in. See the docs for details.
  • Splits out UI code from Cephei.framework to a new CepheiUI.framework. CepheiUI will be automatically loaded by Cephei if UIKit is present in the process, but please still add CepheiUI to your frameworks list if you use the UI features.
  • Updates CompactConstraint, which adds support for safe areas with the safe keyword.
  • Improves defaults command line tool with more features similar to the macOS defaults command.
  • Adds support for tinting the navigation bar in Settings on iOS 6.


  • Adds support for iOS 11. (iOS 10.3 was already working.)
  • Fixes a few issues crashing SpringBoard or apps on some devices.
  • For developers:
  • Adds a restriction on reading or writing most Apple preferences from a sandboxed process. See the docs for details.
  • Fixes HBRespringController crashing on iOS 9.3 and newer.
  • Removes the dependency on libprefs (part of PreferenceLoader), and makes the dependency on RocketBootstrap and TechSupport optional (for testing purposes only).
  • Reddit thread




  • Fixes a crash on iOS 5.
  • Fixes a few visual issues on iOS 5 and 6.
  • Fixes package cells not opening Cydia to the package page.
  • Updates a few translations.
  • For developers:
  • Adds a log message for when CepheiPrefs is incorrectly loaded into the wrong places. This will show an annoying alert message in future. Please check for this message and ensure you block it if necessary for your tweak.
  • Fixes an issue with HBPreferences where preferences for the current app’s bundle identifier would not be readable/writable.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fixes some crashes on iOS 5 and 6.
  • Works around an issue causing "about" pages to be slow to open.
  • Updates various translations.
  • For developers:
  • Adds support for an icon in the full-sized HBPackageNameHeaderCell style, and no icon in the condensed style.
  • Adjusts the fonts used in HBPackageNameHeaderCell to use Dynamic Type.
  • Adds support for more granular navigation and status bar appearance settings.
  • HBDiscreteSliderTableCell now maps to the built-in discrete cell class on iOS 8.2 and newer.
  • Changes the share button to a heart ❤️
  • Fixes table cell detail labels not being themed alongside the title label color.
  • Fixes defaults returning 1 (failure) on success and 0 (success) on failure.
  • Fixes the demo not working.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fix a crash when opening settings pages on iOS 6.
  • Adds the ability to manually type in a value for sliders – tap the number on the right of the slider.
  • Uses the in-app Safari browser for web link buttons.
  • For developers:
  • Adds HBPackageTableCell, which displays a package’s icon and opens Cydia when tapped.
  • Adds HBRespringController, a convenience class for restarting SpringBoard “the right way”.
  • Adds support to HBPreferences for processes that are blocked from reading preferences outside of their sandbox.
  • Adds a basic defaults utility, similar to the one in macOS, for reading and writing preferences from the command line.
  • Reddit thread


  • Adds and updates various translations.
  • Adds a new HBAppearanceSettings API to resolve issues with the previous appearance API.
  • Adds support for PreferenceLoader’s CoreFoundationVersion filter.
  • Fixes a crash when tapping the Back button in Cephei settings.
  • Improves reliability by enabling Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
  • Reddit thread


  • Adds and updates various translations.
  • Fixes an issue where UI customisations would sometimes not be removed when exiting the settings page.
  • Fixes an issue causing upgrades from Cephei 1.3 to be partially broken.
  • Reddit thread

1.8 Beta 1

  • Adds various new UI customisation features to HBListController.
  • Fixes an issue where tint colors would not work in some situations.
  • Adds Container Support, which allows apps to use a container like an App Store app.
  • Adds some new strings for localization.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fixes a logic issue with HBSupportController's package lookup.
  • Fixes a class method on HBSupportController returning an over-retained object.
  • Integrates the popular CompactConstraint library.
  • Adds methods for unsigned integers in HBPreferences.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fixes an issue causing HBPreferences to crash in processes running as root.
  • Fixes an issue causing HBPreferences to crash when setting a key to nil.
  • Deprecates website/donation actions on HBAboutListController. Use HBLinkTableCell instead.
  • Adds the ability to use a null value as a HBPreferences default.
  • Adds HBSupportController, which provides a pre-configured support email view controller (from TechSupport).
  • Adds and updates translations.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fixes an issue causing inverted-style navigation bars to not change the status bar color to white.
  • Fixes an issue causing HBPreferences to not send a notification when a setter method is used.
  • Fixes an issue causing HBPreferences per-key callback blocks to not fire or be passed an older value.
  • Renames HBInitialsLinkTableCell to HBLinkTableCell. (HBInitialsLinkTableCell is now kept for compatibility.)
  • Adds support for right-to-left language layouts on iOS 9.
  • Adds more translations.
  • Adds an option for HBPackageNameHeaderCell to use a gradient background.
  • Adds the ability to set a subtitle on HBLinkTableCell.
  • Adds the ability to use a different tint color on the navigation bar from the tint color used on controls.
  • HBLinkTableCell now properly inherits the tint color, if used as a PSButtonCell.
  • Reddit thread


  • Fixes issues with reading settings from within a sandboxed process.
  • Fixes a crash when tapping the “share” button in a tweak’s settings on iPad.
  • Fixes an issue causing stepper cells’ singular item label to not be translated.
  • Refactors the Settings navigation bar tinting system to be more reliable.
  • Cephei and CepheiPrefs are now frameworks. The library in /usr/lib and headers in /usr/include are still kept for backwards compatibility.
  • Adds a few generic fallback translations for preference bundles. Refer to the GitHub repo to see them all.
  • Adds support for two-letter initials avatars in HBTwitterCell (similar to iOS’ generic contact photos).
  • Adds support for removing items in HBPreferences, and accessing all of the set values.
  • Adds keys for overriding the package name and setting custom text colors in HBPackageNameHeaderCell.
  • Adds a better “contact author” form (from TechSupport, the same one used in CrashReporter).
  • Adds the ability to tint the background of the navigation bar rather than the foreground.
  • Adds category methods on UIColor to deserialise an RGBA array or hex string to a UIColor.
  • Adds HBInitialsLinkTableCell, a cell for opening a web page with an optional initials avatar (same as HBTwitterCell).
  • Reddit thread


  • Adds callback block features to HBPreferences.
  • Fixes preferences not immediately updating on iOS 7 and older.
  • Fixes a crash with HBPackageNameHeaderCell on iOS 6.


  • Fixes tweak settings using Cephei failing to load on iOS 5 and 6.
  • Fixes a crash in tweak settings when the package's identifier fails to be looked up.


  • Fixes an issue with a Cephei feature (HBPackageNameHeaderCell) that could cause Settings to crash. (Thanks to Cykey!)


  • HASHBANG Productions Common is now Cephei. It‘s the same package as before, but we made many improvements and we thought a new name suited this better. Developer documentation is now available at https://hbang.github.io/libcephei/.
  • Fixes an issue causing navigation bar tints to be lost.
  • Fixes a crash when deallocating an HBTwitterCell.
  • Adds support for iOS 8.
  • Adds HBDiscreteSliderTableCell, HBImageTableCell, and HBSpinnerTableCell, as well as HBOutputForShellCommand.
  • Adds HBPreferences, a useful class for reading settings across all iOS versions.
  • Adds displaying of the user’s avatar on HBTwitterCell.
  • Adds a demo Settings page (disabled by default).


  • Fixes issues with ARM64 devices and on iOS 5.
  • Fixes an issue causing the view to disappear after closing and re-opening Settings.
  • For developers: Adds stepper cell (HBStepperTableCell) and tinted list items controller (HBListItemsController).


  • Initial release.