Multipla Lite

  • Multipla Lite

    Multipla Lite brings a bit of the power from Multipla right to your dock for free. Featuring the music widget from Multipla, Multipla Lite allows you to get a feel for Multipla before you purchase the full version.

    Multipla Lite has limited options, so buy the full version to get even more widgets and options for your dock.

    Multipla Lite features:

    • Music widget with quick music controls
    • Choose gesture to invoke widgets
    • Swipe Up/Down
    • Swipe left/right
    • Double tap
    • Choose animation for widget switching
    • Use iPhone X Dock for non-notched devices
    • Hide Dock elements (pages dots, page labels, grabber)
    • Modify Dock background alpha
    • Modify Dock icon limit

      Upgrade to Multipla full version to get the following features:

    • Choose more widgets for your Dock
    • Battery widget
    • Weather widget
    • Activity widget
    • Power actions widget
    • Change animation duration
    • Long press to lock your Dock from switching widgets / Long press to jump back to applications dock
    • Choose widgets auto refresh rate
    • Dark theme for new Dock elements
    • Customize Music widget
    • Hide or show audio route label
    • Specify custom artwork corner radius
    • Choose a custom music app to open when tapping artwork
    • Customize Battery widget
    • Show/Hide percent in battery icons
    • Show/Hide device glyphs
    • Two styles (vertical/horizontal)
    • Customize Weather widget secondary label (Humdity/Feels like temperature)
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  • Circuliser brings a unique music visualiser experience to the lock screen and notification centre on iOS 12 and 13.


    • Fully configurable music visualiser displayed on the LS/NC
    • The ability to use any 2D shape as a way to display frequencies
    • Smooth integration with existing music player setups (works with Flow/ColorFlow fullscreen)
    • Automatic colouring (for Artsy/ColorFlow)

      Fully Configurable

      Every aspect of the Circuliser experience can be modified to produce the music visualisation that works best for you and the music you listen to. For example, you can tweak:

    • Attack/decay
    • Frequency highlights
    • Size/position
    • Colour (Automatic/Custom, Filled/Outline)
    • FPS
    • Number of points (i.e. the shape)
    • And more...
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  • Inky is a colour picker library that can be used to provide colour options in tweak preference bundles.

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Magma Evo

  • If you previously purchased Magma Evo on Packix, please wait for an email with instructions on transferring your purchase to Chariz.
  • Redefine your Control Center

    Magma Evo is a feature-packed customization tweak for your Control Center. From changing the color of every module over rearranging your Connectivity toggles to removing the dark container background around the modules - almost everything is possible! This is the official successor of Magma Pro, with a lot more features, bug fixes and increased user-friendliness. It supports all stock modules on iOS 12 and 13, along with all modules from both CCModules, PowerModule and Prysm.

    Full feature list:

    • Connectivity toggles
      • Rearrange the order (doesn’t work for Prysm)
      • Change the enabled/disabled colors
      • Glyph-only mode to remove the circular overlays around enabled toggles
    • Launchers & Toggles
      • Change the enabled/disabled colors for every single module
      • Choose between three ways to display enabled toggles: stock, removed white background or colored background
    • Media Controls
      • Color title, artist, control buttons and the progress bar
      • Option to color the widget on the lockscreen as well
    • Sliders
      • Color both the background and the icon separately
    • Miscellaneous
      • Color the background of the Control Center
      • Align the Control Center to the bottom instead of the top
      • Hide the Status Bar
      • Color the Status Bar
    • Overall

      • Color or hide the dark background around every module

      Magma Evo also features an extensive preset feature that allows you to easily save your current setup, try different settings and change it back later. You can also import settings from other users easily and switch between them, or export one of your presets to share it with the world. Additionally, you can set a preset as default for the iOS light / dark mode, so whenever your mode switches, your preset switches automatically as well. In case you’re still using iOS 12, this also works with Noctis12!

      Compatible with BetterCCXI and Prysm. Not compatible with BetterCCIcons, Togglow or Gesto.

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I can’t install the tweak because of the PreferenceLoader or libSparkColourPicker dependency
    A: Install latest PreferenceLoader from BigBoss / latest libSparkColourPicker from Dynastic. If you have installed one of the tweaks from a piracy repo, remove them.

    Q: I can’t see any icons inside the modules, they are just one big color block
    A: If you are using any version of Noctis, disable the “Dark CC” option.

    Q: I can’t reset options by long-pressing on them
    A: If you have shuffle installed, make sure to disable it’s 3D touch feature

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  • DarkAlertsPls

    Force alerts to respond to iOS 13 dark mode.

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  • This tweak is an experimental workaround for issues with daemons crashing frequently on devices jailbroken on iOS 13, causing battery drain and system instability. It essentially puts some commonly crashing daemons in a permanent “safe mode”, so no tweaks can load into them and cause instability issues. With very few exceptions, these tweaks don’t intend to load into these daemons, so this shouldn’t cause trouble for any tweaks you have installed.

    This does not fix all instability issues on iOS 13, but should fix the most common one.

    Further explanation

    You may not notice it, even if you have a crash reporter like Cr4shed installed, but various background processes (daemons) that make many features of iOS work tend to crash a lot on iOS 13. This is because of changes to a feature of iOS called Jetsam, which stops processes from using excessive resources (CPU and memory).

    iOS 13 tweaked jetsam rules to be very tight. You may have experienced the effects of this even without a jailbreak. For example, pausing music while a music app is in the background could cause that app to quit. The next time you press play, it plays the iOS Music app instead. iOS is smart enough to know not to terminate the app that’s playing music, but once you’ve paused it, it’s not playing music any more, right?! So it gets terminated for using too much resources. This particular bug was fixed with iOS 13.3, but others still exist.

    In the case of SpringBoard and other system processes crashing, Apple knows how much memory and CPU each process is meant to use, so they have a list of “jetsam rules” dictating each process’s limits. These used to be very conservative, so only the worst of memory leaks or infinite loops would be saved from their bad state with a force restart. With iOS 13, it seems Jetsam’s philosophy changed, because a system daemon even slightly overstepping its usual resource usage will be terminated. Because of this, jailbreak tweaks that might use a fair bit of memory or CPU could unintentionally cause a lot of havoc. Some tweaks do call for higher resource usage - that’s just what they are. Unfortunately it makes these crashes happen, since iOS isn’t aware of their needs.

    StopCrashingPls is a tweak that loads before any other tweak, and then hijacks the tweak loading process so no more tweaks can be loaded. This tweak has this one simple purpose and is extremely small. This is not a complete fix for this issue. Processes like SpringBoard can still crash due to jetsam limits being reached. There are further changes that can be made to more fully fix this, but StopCrashingPls focuses on a simple solution that should solve most of the problem.

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  • WeatherGround

    WeatherGround is a tweak that brings weather to your fingertips!

    WeatherGround offers 3 (+ bonus) features currently:

    • Live weather background as wallpaper!
    • Live weather effects on top of your current wallpaper
    • Tapping on the time in status bar to see the current temperature!
    • (BONUS) If you have 2 different wallpapers, you can enable/disable the background or effect for the homescreen and lockscreen separately

      The tweak works currently only fully on iPhones (X device recommended), iPads do not support the wallpaper features

      If you are having any issues with the tweak, you can contact me at or on my twitter @FectaTr1.

      The tweak is fully open source at:

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  • Nougat

    Experience Android right on your iOS device! Nougat brings the Notification Panel from Android Nougat and Oreo. Nougat is built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into iOS and behaves just how you would expect a stock feature to.


    To invoke Nougat, simply swipe down from the top middle of the device, as if you were invoking the Notification Center. Swiping down from the top left corner will invoke the system Notification Center in case you still need access to it. You will be prompted on first launch to visit the user guide to familiarize yourself with the gestures.

    Main Panel

    The main panel is comprised of four modules to provide convenient shortcuts at just a swipe:

    • Status Bar: Quickly view the current time and your battery percentage.
    • Brightness: Easily control your device’s brightness.
    • Toggles: Customizable toggles to control your device.
    • Settings: Access Nougat’s settings to quickly change toggle layout or theme.


      Below the Main Panel, Nougat also provides convenient access to your notifications. Quickly launch and manage your notifications with just a swipe.

      The notification list also provides a MiniPlayer when music is playing, so you can pause, play, or skip your current music effortlessly. Nougat can also integrate with ColorFlow.


      Nougat comes with three built in color themes for you to choose from. It also comes with the option to change its theme based on your current system appearance. You can also add, remove, or rearrange the switches present on the main panel.

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  • iDunnoU

    Ever think 'iDunnoU?'. Use this tweak to pin, hide, secure, and block conversations like clockwork.


    • Automatically hide conversations from unknown senders
    • Swipe left on a conversation to pin/unpin
    • Swipe right on a conversation to hide/unhide
    • Swipe right on a conversation to block/unblock
    • Enter edit mode to reorder pinned conversations
    • Secure the unknown sender list with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode
    • Automatically sync all lists to iCloud

      Configuration Options

      Main Preferences

    • Enabled

      Activation Preferences

    • Show iDunnoU Button
    • Toggle with Shake
    • Toggle with Volume Buttons
    • Toggle with Ringer Switch

      Badge Preferences

    • Hide Badges from Unknown Senders
    • Hide iDunnoU Button Badge

      Security Preferences

    • Secure Unknown Sender List
    • Show iDunnoU Button after Authentication
    • Auto-Hide Unknown Sender List
    • Hide Swipe Actions

      If you would like to donate to me, please donate via PayPal — it really helps!

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