• A beautiful timer and alarm screen

    betterAlarm is a complete overhaul of the stock iOS timer and alarm screen that appears on the lockscreen.

    Main Feature

    Instead of two tiny, hard to distinguish stop / snooze buttons, you now have two buttons that occupy the entire screen. Visual cues like a bright background color will help you further find the right button within a second, even when you’re still half asleep. No more trying to identify what’s written on those tiny buttons, or - even worse - accidentally hitting the wrong button.

    Smart Snooze

    The Smart Snooze feature lets you define a fixed number of maximum snoozes. Each time you press the snooze button, the next time the alarm goes off the snooze button will be a bit smaller than before. When you’ve used your last snooze, there will be no snooze button anymore, forcing you push the stop button and just get up.

    Confirm you’re awake

    The Require confirmation feature will require your attention when trying to stop an alarm. It can be configured to ask for either a simple additional button click to make sure you hit the right button or give you a math equation. Math equations consist of relatively simple math operations using +, - and *. The alarm won’t stop until you’ve entered the correct solution. If you enter a wrong answer, you’ll be tasked with another equation until you solved one.

    Disable Hardware buttons

    Have a habit of just pushing your power button to snooze? betterAlarm has you covered. Make use of the Disable Hardware buttons feature and you won’t be able to either snooze or turn off your alarm with the buttons on your phone anymore. This forces you to actually look at the screen (which displays the current time) and maybe you’ll recognize it’s later than you thought.

    Highly configurable

    You can customize a lot about how your new alarm screen looks. Currently supported are:

    • Button position (top / bottom)
    • How much space of the screen each button should take (only if Smart Snooze is disabled)
    • Background Color
    • Text Color
    • Text Size

      Each of these options can be set separately for both timer and alarms and also for each button individually. On top of that, you can also customize the color and text size of the clock and the alarm title if you wish so.

      I can’t install it, help?

      Make sure you have the following repositories in your sources list:

    • BigBoss for PreferenceLoader
    • Dynastic or SparkDev for libsparkcolourpicker
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  • WeatherGround

    WeatherGround is a tweak that brings weather to your fingertips!

    WeatherGround offers 3 (+ bonus) features currently:

    • Live weather background as wallpaper!
    • Live weather effects on top of your current wallpaper
    • Tapping on the time in status bar to see the current temperature!
    • (BONUS) If you have 2 different wallpapers, you can enable/disable the background or effect for the homescreen and lockscreen separately

      The tweak works currently only fully on iPhones (X device recommended), iPads do not support the wallpaper features

      If you are having any issues with the tweak, you can contact me at or on my twitter @FectaTr1.

      The tweak is fully open source at:

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  • Multipla

    Power to your Dock

    The stock iOS dock is bland and limited. It provides but 4 apps for you to launch. Multipla changes that by bringing widgets (and the option of more apps) to your dock, all in a power-efficient, stable way. Multipla retains the stock iOS feel, while incorporating widgets featuring important information and controls.

    Full feature list:

    • Choose widgets for your Dock
    • Music widget
    • Battery widget
    • Weather widget
    • Activity widget
    • Choose gesture to invoke widgets
    • Swipe Up/Down
    • Swipe left/right
    • Double tap
    • Choose animation for widget switching
    • Change animation duration
    • Long press to lock your Dock from switching widgets / Long press to jump back to applications dock
    • Choose widgets auto refresh rate
    • Use iPhone X Dock for non-notched devices
    • Hide Dock elements (pages dots, page labels, grabber)
    • Dark theme for new Dock elements
    • Modify Dock background alpha
    • Modify Dock icon limit
    • Customize Music widget
    • Customize Battery widget
    • Customize Weather widget

      Developer API

      Multipla comes with a Developer API that can be found here. This lets developers add their tweaks to Multipla and make them appear in their Dock. For example, Tr1fecta is working on adding Veza to Multipla, so stay tuned if you own a copy of Veza.

      Before you buy

      iPads are not supported at this time because they utilize a different kind of dock than iPhones. We recommend only using Multipla in portrait mode to prevent visual glitches, as we do not have and "plus" devices to test horizontal rotation on.


      If you find a bug, you can report it by contacting us via our Social medias
      Twitter: Thomz
      Reddit: Burrit0z & Thomz

      Note: There is a lot of Dock tweaks and we are not able to mark all of them as a conflict with Multipla. If you find a tweak conflicting with Multipla, please report it to us so. Docky is not marked as a conflict because it appears to work with Multipla, but the Dock background will disappear. We are working on fixing that.

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Safari in Messages

  • Introducing Safari in Messages

    Safari in Messages adds functionality in the native Messages app to conveniently open links directly within Messages, rather than launching Safari.

    Source Available on GitHub

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  • SwipeExtenderX

    This tweak does not support 3rd party keyboard apps.

    Bring life back into your keyboard with SwipeExtenderX. This tweak is a full remake of the legendary "SwipeExpander", designed to work on modern iOS version.

    SwipeExtenderX comes with pre-made settings for your device if you would like to use default settings.

    Swipe in any direction on a key to perform any of 20 actions:

    • Insert text
    • Select word
    • Select all
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Delete forward
    • Delete word
    • Dismiss autocorrect
    • Dismiss keyboard
    • Open menu (see below)
    • Move cursor to beginning
    • Move cursor to end
    • Dictation
    • Activator action
    • Show CopyLog (requires CopyLog tweak)
    • Insert current date

      You can label your keys and even change the color of the keyboard.

      Opening a menu will show a list of actions that you can fully customize. See screenshots for examples!


      This tweak is compatible with any keyboard tweak out there.

    • NudeKeys
    • CopyLog (SwipeExtenderX has CopyLog integration)
    • ActionBar
    • EmojiKey
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  • A library used by JacobCXDev.

    The source code can be found on GitHub.

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  • iDunnoU

    Ever think 'iDunnoU?'. Use this tweak to pin, hide, secure, and block conversations like clockwork.


    • Automatically hide conversations from unknown senders
    • Swipe left on a conversation to pin/unpin
    • Swipe right on a conversation to hide/unhide
    • Swipe right on a conversation to block/unblock
    • Enter edit mode to reorder pinned conversations
    • Secure the unknown sender list with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode
    • Automatically sync all lists to iCloud

      Configuration Options

      Main Preferences

    • Enabled

      Activation Preferences

    • Show iDunnoU Button
    • Toggle with Shake
    • Toggle with Volume Buttons
    • Toggle with Ringer Switch

      Badge Preferences

    • Hide Badges from Unknown Senders
    • Hide iDunnoU Button Badge

      Security Preferences

    • Secure Unknown Sender List
    • Show iDunnoU Button after Authentication
    • Auto-Hide Unknown Sender List
    • Hide Swipe Actions

      If you would like to donate to me, please donate via PayPal — it really helps!

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Magma Evo

  • If you previously purchased Magma Evo on Packix, please wait for an email with instructions on transferring your purchase to Chariz.
  • Redefine your Control Center

    Magma Evo is a feature-packed customization tweak for your Control Center. From changing the color of every module over rearranging your Connectivity toggles to removing the dark container background around the modules - almost everything is possible! This is the official successor of Magma Pro, with a lot more features, bug fixes and increased user-friendliness. It supports all stock modules on iOS 12 and 13, along with all modules from both CCModules, PowerModule and Prysm.

    Full feature list:

    • Connectivity toggles
      • Rearrange the order (doesn’t work for Prysm)
      • Change the enabled/disabled colors
      • Glyph-only mode to remove the circular overlays around enabled toggles
    • Launchers & Toggles
      • Change the enabled/disabled colors for every single module
      • Choose between three ways to display enabled toggles: stock, removed white background or colored background
    • Media Controls
      • Color title, artist, control buttons and the progress bar
      • Option to color the widget on the lockscreen as well
    • Sliders
      • Color both the background and the icon separately
    • Miscellaneous
      • Color the background of the Control Center
      • Align the Control Center to the bottom instead of the top
      • Hide the Status Bar
      • Color the Status Bar
    • Overall

      • Color or hide the dark background around every module

      Magma Evo also features an extensive preset feature that allows you to easily save your current setup, try different settings and change it back later. You can also import settings from other users easily and switch between them, or export one of your presets to share it with the world. Additionally, you can set a preset as default for the iOS light / dark mode, so whenever your mode switches, your preset switches automatically as well. In case you’re still using iOS 12, this also works with Noctis12!

      Compatible with BetterCCXI and Prysm. Not compatible with BetterCCIcons, Togglow or Gesto.

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I can’t install the tweak because of the PreferenceLoader or libSparkColourPicker dependency
    A: Install latest PreferenceLoader from BigBoss / latest libSparkColourPicker from Dynastic. If you have installed one of the tweaks from a piracy repo, remove them.

    Q: I can’t see any icons inside the modules, they are just one big color block
    A: If you are using any version of Noctis, disable the “Dark CC” option.

    Q: I can’t reset options by long-pressing on them
    A: If you have shuffle installed, make sure to disable it’s 3D touch feature

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Siliqua Pro

  • SiliquaPro

    SiliquaPro is an all in one customization tweak for your AirPods Pro.

    1. Customisable actions for single, double, triple or quadruple presses.
      • Play / Pause
      • Skip
      • Rewind
      • Skip 15
      • Rewind 15
      • Toggle Repeat
      • Toggle Shuffle
      • Increase Volume
      • Decrease Volume
      • Toggle Siri
      • Cycle listening modes
    2. Listening mode control in the audio module with two layout modes:
      • Trio-mode: One button for each off, noise cancelation and transparency mode.
      • Single-mode: Cycle through listening modes with a single button.
    3. Route name in audio module.
    4. AirPods icon in volume slider when AirPods Pro are playing media.
    5. CC Module to cycle through AirPods listening modes to either off, noise cancelation or transparency.
    6. Supports iOS 12 and iOS 11
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  • Watermelon

    WatchOS inspired lockscreen widgets for iOS 13.

    Watermelon places round widgets below the clock on the lockscreen.

    Watermelon supports the following widgets:

    1. Activity
    2. Alarm
    3. Air Quality Index
    4. App Shortcut (Selectable via Preferences)
    5. Battery
    6. Bluetooth Battery (Headphones, AirPods etc)
    7. Date
    8. Music (Play / Pause and Progress)
    9. Rain
    10. Humidity
    11. Timer
    12. UV Index
    13. Weather Conditions
    14. Weather Temperature
    15. Wind
    16. Volume (Current Audio Route)
    17. Watch Battery
    18. Torch Shortcut
    19. Sunrise
    20. Sunset

      To select the widget in a particular location simply long press on the widget until the editor appears. Select widgets as desired, tap an active widget to focus it.

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