• This package contains tools for developers.

    If this is installed on your device, another package you’ve installed uses features provided by Cephei. Uninstalling Cephei will also uninstall other packages that use its features.

  • Cephei is a framework that includes various convenience features for developers. Primarily, it focuses on settings-related features, but it also contains other utilties.

    Documentation can be found at hbang.github.io/libcephei.

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Alderis Color Picker

  • Alderis is a color picker component used by tweaks. If this is installed on your device, you probably have a package installed that uses Alderis.

    Alderis is a compatible replacement for the aging libcolorpicker project. Developers can learn more about using Alderis at the GitHub repository.

  • Screenshot
  • Screenshots

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  • Wonderbar

    Your status bar could use a little more magic!

    Wonderbar enables you to customize your entire status bar, from the text color to the battery icon.


    • Customization of the status bar text color
    • Customization of the status bar text content (replace the time with anything you want!)
    • Display the date above the time
    • Hide the Status Bar
    • Control your WiFi and Cellular icon’s colors (primary/secondary)
    • Display your battery percentage within the icon
    • Control your battery’s colors (interior, exterior, and lightning color)
    • Control the size of the battery icon
    • Replace the battery icon with a percentage (you can customize this percentage’s colors too!)


      If you have any questions or bug reports, please send me a direct message on my twitter, send me an email at awesomeajn@gmail.com, or join my Discord Support server. I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

      Special Thanks

      Thanks to:

    • Moses Buckwalter and Erik Johnson for testing Wonderbar and helping me improve it.

    • 23 Aaron for all of the graphics
    • Kirb for answering my development-related questions.
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Velox Reloaded

  • Velox Reloaded

    Bringing back the heat

    iOS’s stock looks dull and outdated, but with Velox Reloaded you can spice up your Homescreen with Widgets for any app. Velox is efficient, created with non-battery draining in mind, and will transform your homescreen to something special retaining the iOS Stock feel, while incorporating widgets with loads of information and controls.

    Feature list:

    • Homeplus Pro support
    • Swipe Up/Down
    • 5 different widget sizes!! (we’re continuously working on new sizes)
    • Icon States
    • Widget Chooser (Modify which widget which apps displays)
    • Velox Widget Loader (safely loads widgets)

      Are there no widgets available for a specified app? Velox will display the app’s notifications for you.

      Velox supports Today Widgets and also has beautiful widgets created by us for the following apps:

    • Weather

    • Fitness
    • Spotify
    • Watch
    • Clock
    • Photos

      Velox is actively being worked on to make sure it satisfies everyone who purchases it. Want to request a feature? email us!

      Experiencing anything out of the ordinary? Contact us and help us make this special tweak even more special!

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  • Veza

    Veza brings Quick Controls right at your disposal!

    Veza currently supports these features:

    • Use upto 14 default modules!
    • Change the appearance style of Veza
    • Coloring of the view, buttons and glyphs
    • Enable/Disable blur for the modules and the view!
    • Live Preview in the Preferences, which means you’ll be able to customize Veza however you like it!
    • Layout options
    • Spacing options
    • Sizing options
    • Custom Modules from CCSupport and CCModules (Pro)
    • Custom Aion Widget for Veza
    • And many other features will be added in upcoming updates!

      Veza is compatible with most of the popular tweaks available! Such as Aion, Kalm, Complications, LockWidgets, Jellyfish etc.

      We will be constantly updating Veza with features such as new default modules.

      Experiencing anything out of the ordinary? Contact us at support@apextweaks.com and help us make the tweak even more special! Please also provide us with crash logs in the email, if you get one!

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  • Support package for LaughingQuoll tweaks

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Multipla Lite

  • Multipla Lite

    Multipla Lite brings a bit of the power from Multipla right to your dock for free. Featuring the music widget from Multipla, Multipla Lite allows you to get a feel for Multipla before you purchase the full version.

    Multipla Lite has limited options, so buy the full version to get even more widgets and options for your dock.

    Multipla Lite features:

    • Music widget with quick music controls
    • Choose gesture to invoke widgets
    • Swipe Up/Down
    • Swipe left/right
    • Double tap
    • Choose animation for widget switching
    • Use iPhone X Dock for non-notched devices
    • Hide Dock elements (pages dots, page labels, grabber)
    • Modify Dock background alpha
    • Modify Dock icon limit

      Upgrade to Multipla full version to get the following features:

    • Choose more widgets for your Dock
    • Battery widget
    • Weather widget
    • Activity widget
    • Power actions widget
    • Change animation duration
    • Long press to lock your Dock from switching widgets / Long press to jump back to applications dock
    • Choose widgets auto refresh rate
    • Dark theme for new Dock elements
    • Customize Music widget
    • Hide or show audio route label
    • Specify custom artwork corner radius
    • Choose a custom music app to open when tapping artwork
    • Customize Battery widget
    • Show/Hide percent in battery icons
    • Show/Hide device glyphs
    • Two styles (vertical/horizontal)
    • Customize Weather widget secondary label (Humdity/Feels like temperature)
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  • Circuliser brings a unique music visualiser experience to the lock screen and notification centre on iOS 12 and 13.


    • Fully configurable music visualiser displayed on the LS/NC
    • The ability to use any 2D shape as a way to display frequencies
    • Smooth integration with existing music player setups (works with Flow/ColorFlow fullscreen)
    • Automatic colouring (for Artsy/ColorFlow)

      Fully Configurable

      Every aspect of the Circuliser experience can be modified to produce the music visualisation that works best for you and the music you listen to. For example, you can tweak:

    • Attack/decay
    • Frequency highlights
    • Size/position
    • Colour (Automatic/Custom, Filled/Outline)
    • FPS
    • Number of points (i.e. the shape)
    • And more...
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  • Inky is a colour picker library that can be used to provide colour options in tweak preference bundles.

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